Saturday, October 21, 2017
Simplify Your Life With Online Bill Pay Minimize

Save time and money by paying your bills online
Say goodbye to buying stamps and writing checks to pay your bills. Sign up and receive our new bill paying service.
Schedule single and recurring payments.
Change and/or stop scheduled payments
View 18-month payment history
24x7 web access
“Pay anybody” model
Bill payment reminder emails
Ability to turn additional security features on/off  
Pay bills from multiple bank accounts  
Memo and comment fields for payments  
Pending payment calendar  
Secondary email address option  
Manage payees using categories  
Ability to make inter-bank transfers  
Ability to email payments to individuals  
Schedule multiple payments on one page  
Upgrade to Bill Pay PLUS for just $1.00 per month.

Bill Pay-e Plus Security Features
Set Payment Threshold
Subscribers have the ability to set a maximum payment amount and receive email notification any time a payment exceeds that limit.
Set Payee Threshold
Subscribers have the ability to set a maximum payment amounts at the payee level. They will receive email notification any time a payment to that payee exceeds that limit.
Subscribers may keep track of their bill pay activities through email notification upon logout, after an event occurs, or on a recurring basis.
Inter-bank Transfers
Allows subscribers to move funds from your institution to another with a few simple clicks.
Email Payments
Allows subscribers to send funds to anyone in the U.S. with an email address and bank account.
Getting started with Bill Pay is simple. Logon to your Online Banking Account, click Bill Payment and follow the instructions.

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